Well it’s a question

Do you speak French?

Early on there were some hardened educators

That were of the opinion

Latin would be my strong suit

Well hopefully they didn’t bet the bank on that

In subsequent years there seemed to be a need

To learn Spanish or German

In no particular order

But both attempts

Resulting in disorder

Then though

A retired educator

Was of the opinion

That two aged


Would fare well

Learning a new language

To stimulate their mental aptitude

And whatever else

An online course was chosen of course

Books are too intimate

And she would always

Be looking over my shoulder

In all fairness to me

My compatriot and competitor

Studied French four years in high school

Granted cobwebs lingered

Interesting point

There is now an assigned time

For the study period

Not sure why

But dinner at the same time

Is more difficult to arrange

Than a set time to learn French

Wonder if there will be a tape made

Of the first dinner in which French

Is the primary language

My suspicion it might

Be our most hilarious meal

Well let’s be honest

We’ve got nothing to lose

FXC 9/28/19


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