Maximum Pleasure

Fortunately the pursuit of pleasure

Is a life long goal

Many examples of this drive exist

The first sip of hot coffee on a cold morning

Slowly reaching the farthest nerve endings

Ignite a need to recreate this sensation

Every morning, that morning jolt is craved

But recreating that sensation is quite difficult

There is a preponderance of evidence

That pleasure is an illusion, a false memory of the past

And yet such a difficult lesson to learn

Examples abound

That one more drink will increase the fun at a party

Will butter pecan ice cream be sweeter than pistachio

Or even if intimacy is great more intimacy would be unimaginable

When really the truth is that pain is avoided if possible

And yet, and yet is it possible

That pleasure is the absence of pain

That the pursuit is not for pleasure

But for happiness

Now there is a ‘can of worms’

I’d save this thought for next time

But I’m on a roll

Have heard that happiness of necessity is not acquired but given

At its subliminal level

The definition of good and evil

FXC 1/18/2020


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