Ballroom hip-hop

Ah the advantages of a second chance

Usually at work by 5

Relegated my favorite friend

To early morning child care

While working her own job

Now however with grown children

Working, their children have

Periodically slipped into my province

Which might include

‘Chick filet’ or bowling or

Whatever I deem necessary for their life enrichment

Sometimes you don’t realize what you missed the first time around

Don’t even know if there was hip hop 49 years ago

When my first child was born

Got to see a lot of ballet and recitals

Well now the extra curriculum choices are in my domain

Or should I say

Being decided by whichever grandchild I’m guiding that day

Well today, i am following around my ten year old grandchild

Whose father I definitely know did not ‘hip-hop’

Small class of 6 from 6-10

A suspicion the teacher was deaf

The music so loud as to reverberate the walls

But the result was pure delight

Phones were out to film

The latest potential ‘America’s Got Talent’ participants

With the class over the teacher invited the parents

To an adult hip hop class that very night

At 8, right

A smiling mother, rather impishly asked me

Would I be there

My reply just as coy

If they have ballroom hip hop

FXC 1/18/2020


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