Don’t take my 4:30AM

Sleep apnea mask removed

Coffee turned on

News scrutinized and dismissed

Clothes assembled

The To Do list located and modified

Dishes put away, dog fed and watered

Laundry put on, breakfast prepared

Small grocery run if necessary

1st grandchild picked up and taken to NaNa

Decaf started for NaNa

2nd grandchild picked up while NaNa takes 1st grandchild to school

2nd grandchild arrives in time for online class with NaNa

School, play, lunch, squabbles, hugs and fun

Till dinner preparations begin

Children taken back to their respective homes

Very small talk at dinner

But then the culmination of the day

7PM Wheel of Fortune and Jeapordy

Alleluia! Collapsing in complete joy

Patting ourselves on the back for another day well done

Thank the Lord for structure

FXC 1/31/2021 Copyright

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