Why does he get so mad?

Why, why are you so mad?
Its been a good day
Good week
Watching a little grandchild
Our house becomes a Church
Shhh, Shhh she’s sleeping
A sanctuary filled with
Stroller and playpen
Musical swings that would
Make Mozart jealous
Bottles warmed and
Measured within degrees of acceptance
No need to be angry
It is our house
Our retirement paradise
That we have turned into
A nursery par excellence
Silence is maintained
With a finger to the lips
The Maitre de of NaNa’s
Is waited on as a queen bee
Should be
This is our second chance to get
Babies right
I got this
But ahh, yes my little one must
Be returned to her rightful owners
Her parents
Now is the time though
To run errands for an hour or so
Kohls of course is mandatory once a week
Volunteering another grandchild’s school
Cleaning at our church
But by dinner time whether you or I cook
It is time to rest and then
I head outside to work in the yard.
Why do you get so mad?

FXC 10/1/16

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