What I didn’t know then

Gotta to love youth

Pure bluster and ignorance

Infinite wisdom and no experience

Until the night sky lights up

With the moment you have been waiting for

But did not expect

The love of your life

New adjectives enters one’s vocabulary

“Clueless” is the primary one

And now the mirror has prominent purpose

“Why didn’t I brush my hair?”

But no amount of logic blocks

Our headlong rush

Into the grooming process of a relationship

Remember, “Jump?” “How high?”

The dance of love is so serious

We want to get it so right

But we are so ill prepared

How do you pass a test on relationship?

Is it the money that is earned?

The year of the car?

Size of the house?

After fifty years

Which is a fair sample

There does not seem to be a benchmark

A grade on the marriage certificate

But at the end of the day

A long day

A simple “pass-fail”

Will suffice

With a well worn smile

FXC 9/7/19


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