Tom’s Eulogy

In the multi-colored coat of my life

You were my fabric

So often I would see or hear you laugh

And know that all was right in the world

Always taken for granted

Because you placed yourself last.

You knew only to care and to give

Never tro ask

Already I hear by phone and by note

Of your unending joy

That you share with all

Oh Tom, Tom I miss you so

You and I always said I love you

When the conversation ended

But I am still talking to you

Do you hear?

That is where my faith lies

You always hear

I know you do now

You have not gone far

I have kept you in my heart

Your work here contiues

In we who you have blessed

Bring us this day the joy you now know

Bring us this day the vision you now see

Finally, Tom my dear brother

Reveal to us your peace

March 2005

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