The Nail Salon

Amazing day it was
Running errands
One more to go
Needed my toe nails trimmed
Thought of my Mother-in-law
Who often mentioned
Maybe going to a nail salon
Gave her a call
The opportunity
Came at the right time for her
And off we went.

Who would have thought
I would know more than ‘Mom’, I was
Quickly peppered with easy questions
“Do they take credit cards?”
“How long will we have to wait?”
But then we were in
The decision of who would go first
Was quickly settled by the proprietor
I would go first

The shop was particularly busy Friday
To my right were two ladies
To my left with a space between was another lady
Really for a minute there was quiet
Till “Mom” was seated next to me.

So nice to be with women
With men we might have sat for hours
With nary a word
With women though
Social connection was a necessity

I was pumped to be there with Mom
She was my ticket to conversation
Soon enough we found Mom was in conversation
With the woman on her left
The lady to my far right identified herself
And her 92 year old Mother sitting next to her
We discussed what brought us to the Salon that day
The 92 year old Mother told of her husband always being
Brought to the salon while he was living
She though was also have her finger nails done

Mom spoke up that this was her first time
At a nail salon
Oh the joy of shared experiences
Twenty minutes
Of one time strangers
Finding commonality
In nails

What a day
What a Friday
We will be back
Mom and I.

FXC 7/3/16

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