The Longest Day

So today Sunday June 23rd

Is the longest day

4:30 AM eyelids opened

At least inside my head

Then realized my day has started

Just the way it is

Delicious hot coffee

No one interrupting my thoughts

Seemingly endless time

To over plan the day

With activities that can’t possibly be completed

Or afforded

Have no desire to share this time

Know of people

Actually in close proximity

Whose longest day does not start till 10

At least that is AM

Often wondered if a longer day

Would allow more work or even more fun

It is nice if the weather cooperates

Creating the possibility of a well lit morning walk

Nonetheless it does seem as if extra effort is required

To squeeze just a little bit more

Alas the template of a day that begins at 4:30

Will return a body to that same position

At 8:30 PM

Making for a regular day

If the blinds are pulled

Trying to fool Mother Nature!

As the eyes slowly close and

Put an end to the Longest Day

FXC 6/23/19


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