The arrival of summer

Greatly influences

Color selection for socks

Don’t mean to be a chauvinist but

Understandably women are more attentive

To this conundrum

Undeniably to their advantage

Not sure I have ever seen

A woman who is not color coordinated

Thank you very much

Their innate ability transcends the seasons

Unfortunately this innate ability

Is not shared with men

Save for one item


Never really paid ANY notice to socks

Never bought any

Was always the recipient of gifts

For my birthday

Mostly sedate and refined

Browns, blacks

Occasionally a dark blue

What did it really matter

Anyone really paying attention

Maybe another corporate climber

Deciding whether the color of my socks

Indicated potential for leadership

And yet at some point

Warm weather would dictate


Now, now

The legs are exposed

Potentially very white legs

How to select colors

To match the skin

As summer tans

Now, light browns, or even flesh tones matter

Hey and what about the color of the shorts

Seemingly the sun has exposed the paleness of the male

But there are a few colors for the man of summer

Which are serious no no’s

White, black or dark blue

White as it shouts, I AM VERY OLD!!!

Black that speaks of color blindness

Dark blue as if he is still employed

What color then?

Various tans as the skin darkens with the sun

So now there is no need to contact

A fashion consultant

After many years of summer color ignorance

Men have specific suggestions

For their white winter legs




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