Reclaim the Past

Trying to find the most efficient

Method for cutting grass

Simple enough gas or electric

Had a few different ones over the years

And actually no major problems with either one

Except for a memory from youth

Push mower

Why not?

Granted my memory of hot summers

Has faded

But wouldn’t that simplify my life

No plugs or gasoline

Just sharpen the blade periodically

Better for the environment

Great exercise

Hasn’t there been a

Enough time saver inventions

Most just freed up time

To be busy with something else

From radio to TV

From three channels to 1003

House phones to cell phones

Coffee to cappuccino

Be honest this list is endless

Are we forced to choose

Which technology we will use

To describe our lives

The latest fad or ad

Or are we able to

Personally define

Who we are

By our choices

True we will lose time

With a push mower

But actually

Isn’t that our choice

FXC 4/30/19


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