Pipi Longstocking!

Still, still I see you walking
Towards me, looking away
You had business with others
So I had
Just that moment
To observe
But also the moment
You walked back and past me
Again I watched your
Confident sensual walk
Just that moment
What, how did I know
The clock for eternity
Would start then
And restart every time
I would see you again
Like air, I needed you
My life had no sound or color
Till you spoke
Then, then
I knew the road I would choose
Did not know where the road would go
But I knew where it would end
With you.
You simplified so many things
Removed indecision
Formatted a life plan
Even to this day I’m not always sure
About the curves in the road
But I do know
I’m on the right road.
I love you.

FXC. 8/4/14

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