Now what

Ah so here we are


Don’t know what to have

Don’t know who should fix it

You are tired of preparing dinner

am ill equipped by skill or desire 

45 years later I can understand

We spent the day as we always have

With noble purpose and good deeds

But now again


Even beyond dinner

Where are we?

What do we do?

Or share?

We have spent a life doing for others

Now what about us?

And yet we have talked about this.

Maybe play cards

Or a board game

Or learn a language

Ride bikes?

Work in the garden?

And yet it seems that watching TV

Is a constant

Enjoyable at times

But so unfulfilling

Can we once again capture

The magic

Of our youth

Which made us thirsty

Just to be in each others presence

Can we be together again or must we lose ourselves again 

In the quagmire of TV

Maybe just maybe

We could start over 

Write our own script

And as we have always believed

Live happily ever after


FXC 8/25/14





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