What am I doing?

Here with you

Like a first date, maybe a second

It was time to buy a new quilt for the bed

Who knew that?

I kept the old one clean when you told me to

And then the pretense that was used to sneak

Into the store

We were out for a drive

A simple moment to get away

We had gone far enough to feel free

Never dreamed I would be here now in


You are so sweet and elusive

And then you ask me a question

The question

That really has no answer

No up and down head motion will answer

“What do you think of this color?”

What do I think of that color?

They are all the same to me

Just give me blue or green

What? You need a green or brown to match the colors of the walls

When I paint them?

When I paint them?

What? I though we were looking for a quilt

I know, I know

I am fighting you

Pulling against you

When this is what you want to do

So hard for me to be part of this

I love you so much

But now colors?

You want me to understand and like, colors?

I am not there

Can we go back to blue and green?

I look at you

Study your face

Your eyes

This is such a moment for you

You are with your lifelong love

In a store

Looking at colors

I want you so much

But colors?

I only like colors because of you

I only see colors because of you

They are like math to me

I can only understand colors

When you wear them

But I know

This moment

Is a moment of love making

I will love colors

As I love you

And I will look in your eyes

When I tell you that this shade of

Brown and green will match

The walls I paint

In our house which is not too far from Kohl’s



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