Just never took the time

Last time I saw him

June 29 1969

His last day with us

His wife and seven children survived

Somewhat like being thrown to the wind

Always sensed the difficulty

Of having seven children

A single Mom at 54

But really still lingering

Thoughts and memories

Of a man never really knew

Faded pictures and worn mental images


Would periodically wonder if we were alike

Not a fair comparison

Our time together

Were his busiest days

And my growing away opportunities

Often times still grieve

All that I missed, he missed

Able to read his writings

Descriptions of travels the family took

Written somewhat like a lawyer which he was

Still though

Isolated moments

That I still vividly see him

Not on his last day

But on another happy day

In his royal blues

Colonel Thomas Joseph Cameron

Thank you Dad

I love you

FXC 11/2/2019


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