Hidden Minefields

Lingering in the shadows

Of relationships

Unspoken topics

That are in their place for a reason

Open relationships

Don’t really refer

To dalliances

But more to subjects

That have been mentioned

Or possibly even discussed

Yet there is a growing list

Of headline grabbing ideas

That should remain hidden

Not to be given voice to

But how is one to know

If personal protocol

Has been breached

Unfortunately for the unwary

Only when a verboten thought

Has been expressed

Is it immediately clear that

Civility has left the room

Few examples:

“We can have the shower when the house is clean”

“Why do you blow the leaves and I get to pick them up”

“Is there a reason for 8 pie plates for 2 people”

“Shouldn’t the storage containers have lids”

“So should the grandchildren pick up toys before they go home”

“I could help cook”

To the unwary or insensitive

These topics

Will immediately bring forth

Objects in the spokesperson’s direction

A stare meant to freeze the antagonist for eternity

A silence that deafens any future coherent thought

Relationships are potentially an excellent

Assistance for a learning curve

Provided there is material to work with

FXC 11/21/19


3 thoughts on “Hidden Minefields

  1. Provoctive….revealing …… personal and nearly universal. Shall I wonder now when the resolution will arrive? Or is it a case of…that train ain’t coming to this station?

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