Grandma ma Mary

So hard to visualize a young mind

To see the inner workings of burgeoning ideas

Yet yesterday while at the grocery

Witnessed maybe the most electrifying

Connection between reality and possibility

Was strolling down the aisles with my 9 year old granddaughter

My head was buried in a frozen food section looking for vegetables

My granddaughter seemed to be clearing her throat and saying, ‘ PaPa’

Actually she did so about three times

Finally it dawned on me that she was trying to get my attention

I stood up and looked back

My granddaughter with her hand on her hip

Was pointing to a thin elderly woman near a grocery cart

I use elderly gingerly now as it seems to be a generic term

For a lot of us

And while pointing my granddaughter said, ‘PaPa, Grandma ma Mary’s sister’

As I tried to grasp what was happening my granddaughter again said,

‘PaPa, Grandma ma Mary’s sister’

Now I had it

This lovely lady sharing Kroger with us

Had been identified as Grandma ma Mary’s sister

Certainly some similarities

Slim build, grey hair, glasses

Tried to explain to the woman

The possible connection

My granddaughter was making

Without missing a beat the woman asked

‘Well, how hold is Grandma ma Mary?’

What a spot! Should I reveal my mother-in-laws age?

Had to, 94 I said

The woman said, ‘well, I am close to that’

The new found connection having been made

The three of us had to go our separate ways

Couldn’t wait to hear my granddaughter

Telling her Grandma ma Mary about her long lost sister




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