Gabriel Paul Becker

Five years now

Just memories

Powerful memories

Of you

My two sons bear your name

Ironic that you helped watch one

And helped another one heal

Myself, you were huge

Yes, yes a half a foot taller than I

But your graciousness

Humor, wit and musicality

Engaged allNh

But mostly I remember

A man not critical of others

Who allowed me to grow

In my responsibilities

As a father and

Husband to his daughter

Many, many memories

Ultimate home repair man,

Sweet, sweet father

Incredible repertoire of songs

Singing at any moment

Listening conversationalist

A man adoring his wife

Who you left for us

Thank you

Though the whole world may not

Have known you

Those of us who did

Have had blessed lives

Thank you, thank you

Eternally yours

FXC 3/16/19

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