Don’t know when

Closets became an issue to me

Specifically our closet

Didn’t seem to complicated

To merge yours with mine

In one closet

Neither seemed to be clothes hogs

So I don’t know when

There seemed to be less space

For my clothes

There I’ve said it

So ignorant

Maybe when we got a place

With two closets

One beckoned to be filled

I don’t think so

Just another area bereft of thought

For me

How could I not notice

That gradually I was seeking

Niches here

Niches there

Man caves weren’t in vogue yet

‘Place of my own’ maybe?

Your clothes always seemed

To take precedent

They were more tasteful

Mine were to cover flaws

And you know once

Out of the closet

I was never going to get back in

So this is it

Not till years later

Overhearing a conversation

Between women of course

I heard the term, ‘his closet’

What? What?

There should be a book for men

A primer as it were

There is no GPS for marriage

But men need direction

And you know that

I’m just saying

FXC 3/2019

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