Christmas wrapped

Simple task

Thanksgiving morning

Needed aluminum foil

To cover baking turkey

Still chilly 36

Jacket wallet keys

Poor Walmart employees

Still stocking shelves

Open parking spaces at 7:46

Opened door

Put legs out on concrete

Noticed pretty quickly

No pants on

Just last year’s Christmas pajama bottoms

In my defense dark green with little Santa’s

But really a brief moment of ‘what had I done’

Surely the cold weather, the early hours, the season

Would distract staff and fellow shoppers

Then quite clearly this fallacious belief

Was dismissed by slight glances

Eyes lowered, looked away, smirks

Even being spoken too as if I should not have been released

“Excuse me sweetie”

And there is no way going faster hides the obvious

Speed seems to just garner more attention

Never did I think my car would truly be my get away

‘On Donner, on Blitzer

Please speed away to anonymity

FXC 11/28/19


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