Can’t Take That Chance 

Don’t know really 

How things 

Might have been 

If I had not met you 

Never really 

Thought about that

It seems as if I 

Have known you 

All of my life

In my mind you

Will always be 17

Though now we move 

More slowly

As time tells a tale 

On our face

I can’t go back 

Hoping to

Make things better

I understand 

So much more 

Clearly now

Your love for me

Was always without reserve

So many years 

In a hurry 

Only now I realize 

This moment 

Is our only moment 

To cling as if our last 

But this is your 


The day 

That has made 

So many people 

So happy

So you see

My need to hold you close

I can’t lose you

Can’t take that chance.
FXC 5/19/16

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