Brian Powers

Didn’t wear my hearing aid
Nor my glasses
To attend a 50 year high school reunion
Not really too bright
As I tightly squeezed my eyes
To read the scribbled name tag
On the fellow accross from me
Now practiccally boring into his chest
Quite sure his wife standing nearby
Was hoping this was not one of her husbabds friends
Not once once, twice but at leasr three times
I pushed my face forward to read the name
No longer did I care
How obviuous my ignorance was
I needed to know this man’s name
And then finallh I had it, BRIAN POWERS
Yeah, yeah, Brian Powers
Why didnt the bells go off
The lights turn on
In a very old mind
That has been slipping into disaray
Stepping back, trying to test
Decrepit memory banks
Cobwebs covering
The faces of classmates
Hmm Brian Powers
Slowly a very faint light
Shown on another classmate
Previously met
Ah, oh so slowly
The two fellows agakn were
Linked in my mond
Ah yes Brian Powers as if
Feom behind the green foor appeared
50 years, Brian Powers again
But oh what a night then
Storytelling and sweet, such sweet
As I again relived our childhood and
Learned a bit of the past years
Oh Dear Lord thank you
For this night
In which Brian Powers and I
Again shared our lives

FXC 10/23/2017

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